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In 2007, KAROUN DAIRIES INC. Middle East cheese dairy products company, registered in New Brunswick, began operations, supplying all natural artisan cheeses to retailers in Canada.
KAROUN DAIRIES INC. is the sole licensee of KAROUN DAIRIES SAL in Canada.
KAROUN Braided String Cheese, Ackawi cheese, Nabulsi cheese, KAROUN Grilling Cheese and other Mediterranean specialty cheeses are produced in the traditional artisan Middle Eastern way from first quality Canadian cow milk under the constant control of KAROUN DAIRIES SAL.

2010: KAROUN DAIRIES, the 80 year old company is a worldwide presence ready to cooperate with strategic partners on a sound business plan in the mission of providing healthy and natural food and refreshments for all.
*Not related to Karoun Dairies, Inc. of California, USA incorporated under the KAROUN DAIRIES business name and using the KAROUN trademark without the consent of our international group.  
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